What is MAIB?

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         Operates independently of MSA, investigates
1)  Accident at sea and onboard ships
2)  Dangerous occurrences at sea,
Aim  -Determining what caused an accident in order to prevent it from happening again.
– Publishes reports on accidents with recommendations and lessons to be learned.
Duties – defined in the MS regulations 1994.
          – Employs a staff of professional and support staff (Inspectors)
The Inspectors
Professional inspector are come from 3 Marine disciplines 1. Nautical. 2. Engineer. 3. Naval architecture. Others from recent seagoing or specialist knowledge. Inspectors are  available to travel at short notice to wherever a ship has been involved in an accident.

  • Administrative Inquiry:        for less serious cases where enquires are made by correspondence or telephone, without need for visits


  • Inspector’s Investigation:     for more serious case where witness are interviewed and ship is visited where that is feasible; and


  • Inspector’s Inquiry:            called by Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents in the cases of major accident. This is a very comprehensive investigations, usually carried out by a team of MAIB inspector.