Errors Of The GPS System?

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  1. Gdop – If The Configuration Of The Available Satellites Is Not Suitable, Accuracy Of The Fix Is Affected.
  2. Ionospheric & Tropospheric Delays Of Signals – While Ultra High Frequencies Are Used For Transmission, Yet The Ionosphere & Troposphere Refract The Signals Causing Delays Which Lead To Inaccuracy Of Positions. These Errors Can Be Reasonably Predicted & Are Fed Into A Mathematical Model Built Into The Software Of The Receiver.
  3. Satellite Clock Error – Any Errors In The Clocks On Board The Satellites Will Lead To Errors In Time Measurement.
  4. User Clock Error – Same As Above. This Is Eliminated By Using An Extra Satellite Equation
  5. Deviation Of Satellites From Their Predicted Orbits – Since The Position Of The Satellites Needs To Be Known Very Accurately, It Is Obvious That If The Satellite Deviates From Its Orbit, For Any Reason, Then Inaccuracy In Fixes Will Result.
  6. Receiver Errors – These Are Small & Are Caused Due To Internal Noise, Computational Errors, Etc.