• It applies to tankers of categories 2 and 3 of 15 years and over after the date of its delivery.
  • It has been developed on the basis of Annex B of the Guidelines on the Enhanced Programme of Inspections, which are carried out in accordance with Chapter XI-1 of the SOLAS convention and IMO Res. A.744(18) as amended by Res. 2 of the 1997 SOLAS conference, by MSC.49(66) and by MSC.105(73).
  • It shall be updated as and when enhanced programme of inspections is amended.
  • It is meant to verify that structural condition of a single-hull tanker is acceptable and will continue to be acceptable during the subsequent period of operation of the tanker.
  • It applies to surveys of the hull structure in way of cargo tanks, pump rooms, cofferdams, pipe tunnels, void spaces within the cargo tanks, and all ballast tanks.
  • The first CAS survey shall be carried out alongwith the enhanced programme of inspections, concurrent with the intermediate or renewal survey after 05-04-2005 or when the ship reaches 15 years of age, whichever occurs later. Thereafter it shall be carried out at intervals of £ 5 ½ years.
  • It shall be carried out by the Flag State or by RO.




  • Ship owner shall notify the Flag State and RO of its intention to proceed with the CAS.
  • RO shall issue a Survey Planning Questionnaire to the owner in the prescribed format.
  • The owner shall complete the questionnaire and send it to the RO and the Flag State.
  • Owner shall prepare a Survey Plan for the CAS, in co-operation with the RO and the Flag State, and submit it to both of them.
  • The plan shall be developed using the Model Survey Plan set out in the appendix to this Scheme, after taking into account the overall status of the tanker and various survey documents, as stated in this Scheme.
  • Extent of the survey shall be in accordance with this Scheme and the enhanced programme of inspections, including close-up surveys and thickness measurements.
  • The survey shall be conducted safely in accordance with the mandatory requirements stated in the appendix to this Scheme.
  • At least 2 qualified exclusive surveyors of the RO, who have been trained and are experienced in carrying out intermediate or renewal surveys, shall carry out this survey. They shall also supervise the taking of the thickness measurement.
  • To ensure safe and efficient execution of the survey, a meeting shall be held between the surveyors, owner’s representative, thickness measurement firm operator and Master.
  • All recommendations and conditions of class shall be rectified to the satisfaction of the RO.
  • Surveyor/s shall prepare the CAS Survey Report, as stated in this Scheme, and forward it to RO headquarters for review, alongwith photographs, sketches, scantlings, etc.
  • After review, the RO shall prepare the CAS Final Report, as stated in this Scheme, and submit it to the Flag State.
  • The RO shall issue an Interim Statement of Compliance to the tanker in the prescribed format, valid for £ 5 months or till the Statement of compliance is issued by the Flag State, whichever is earlier.
  • The Flag State shall review the final report and prepare a Review Record.
  • Each of the above actions shall be completed within the prescribed time frame, prior to the anniversary date of the delivery of the tanker in the appropriate compliance year, as prescribed in the table in this Annex.
  • On satisfactory completion of the above actions, the Flag State shall issue a Statement of Compliance to the tanker in the prescribed format, valid for £ 5 ½ years, alongwith the final report of the RO and the review record of the State. On issue of this statement, the interim statement issued by the RO shall expire.
  • The Statement shall be in the official language of the Flag State, with a translation in English, French or Spanish. It shall be a supplement to the IOPP certificate.
  • A copy of the Statement and the review record of the State shall also be given to RO.
  • Till the Statement is issued, the tanker shall remain out of service after the appropriate compliance date prescribed in the table in the Annex.
  • The Flag State may declare the Statement as valid even if the tanker is subsequently transferred to another RO or another owner, provided that the period of validity and other conditions for issue of the Statement remains the same.
  • If the owner fails to obtain the Statement, and changes the flag of his tanker, then the new Flag State shall obtain the complete CAS documentation from the previous Flag State, and ensure that the earlier grounds of rejection are adequately dealt with before issuing the Statement to the tanker.
  • If the owner changes the flag of his tanker after obtaining the Statement, then the new Flag State shall obtain the complete CAS documentation from the previous Flag State, and may issue a new Statement to the tanker.
  • The Flag State shall send to IMO the particulars of the Statement issued and also the particulars of the tanker to which it has declined to issue the Statement.