List of Certificates and Documents required on Board Ships


Only certificates and documents required by international conventions and mandatory codes are listed. In addition Port and Flag States might have more extended requirements.

This list has been prepared using the best information currently available. The information provided is intended purely as guidance; there use is at the users own risk.

  1. SOLAS 74

A) Reg.I/12

  1. Passenger Ship Safety Certificate                –  (Vessels carrying more than 12 Passengers
  2. Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate   – (Cargo Vessels ≥ 500 GT )
  3. Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate      – (Cargo Vessels ≥ 500 GT )
  4. Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate              – (Cargo Vessels ≥ 300 GT )
  5. Cargo Ship Safety Certificate                       – (Cargo Vessels ≥ 500 GT )
  6. Exemption Certificate      – (Cargo Vessels ≥ 500 GT )/ Passenger Vessels


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