Garbage Management Plan and Garbage Record Book



  • Every ship of GT ≥ 400 tons, and every ship certified to carry ≥ 15 persons, shall carry this plan which shall be prepared in accordance with Res. MEPC.71(38) and MEPC/Circ.317.
  • It shall be written in the working language of the crew.
  • It shall contain the following details :
  • Procedures for collecting, storing, processing and disposing garbage.
  • Use of the equipment on board.
  • Name of the designated person in charge of carrying out the plan.






  • Every ship of GT ≥ 400 tons, and every ship certified to carry ≥ 15 persons, when engaged on international voyages, and every fixed and floating platform, shall be provided with a GRB in accordance with format prescribed in the appendix.
  • Each discharge or incineration operation shall be recorded in it and signed by the officer in charge. Each completed page shall be signed by the Master.
  • Entries shall be in the official language of Flag State and also in English, French or Spanish.
  • Entry shall include the following items : (Refer appendix)
  • Date and time.
  • Position of the ship. (Start and stop positions when discharging cargo residues)
  • Description of the garbage.
  • Amount (m3) incinerated, discharged at sea, to reception facility or to other ships.
  • Name of the port, facility or ship to which the garbage was discharged.
  • Amount escaped or accidentally lost and the reasons for the same.


  • Master should obtain a receipt from the reception facility or ship receiving the garbage.
  • GRB and the receipt shall be preserved on board for 2 years after the last entry.
  • Flag State may exempt the following from having the GRB :
  • Ship certified to carry ≥ 15 persons and engaged on voyages of duration ≤ 1 hour.
  • Fixed or floating platform.


  • Competent authority of any State may inspect the GRB and obtain a certified copy of it from the Master, without unduly delaying the ship.


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